Tudung kanak-kanak

Pengantin Paling Muda

Kecil-kecil dah dijodohkan…besar nanti tak tahu la macam mana mereka berdua ni kan…

Majlis meriah ini hanya berlaku di Thailand…dan mereka berdua ni adalah kembar…dah menjadi adat disana, pasangan kembar berlainan jantina perlu dikahwinkan untuk mengelakkan kejadian buruk…. comel je kan…hehehe


A Thai couple held a wedding ceremony for their 4-year-old twin son and daughter to dispel bad luck, a television station reported. About 100 guests witnessed the wedding of Kaenpeth and Kaenploy Kaenchan, conducted according to folk and religious belief that mixed twins should marry to prevent untimely death. The ceremony carries no legal standing. The twins wore traditional costumes and performed rituals that ended with an exchange of a kiss on the cheek. Each received a diamond ring and 99,999 baht ($2,702) in cash from relatives. Many Thais consider nine a lucky number. Samruay Kaenchan, their mother, told Independent Television that she believed the wedding would serve as a protective measure and prevent an accident from befalling her children. The twins are not expected to marry each other again when they grow up, though the ceremony is believed to prevent them from growing too far apart as they become adults. The ceremony was followed by a reception at the couple’s home in Chon Buri province, about 70 kilometers (50 miles) south of Bangkok.






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